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Established in 2006 as a Group, initially the ACE Group activity was concentrated in two operating companies: Fuchosa located in Spain and focused on casting of iron components and EBCC located in Poland and focused on casting and machining of aluminium components. In early 2008, ACE acquired Feramo, an iron foundry located in the Czech Republic. All these operating companies, at the moment wholly controlled by ACE, have been present in the automotive market for years before the establishment of the Group.

Today, the Group is specialized in production of two core components of safety parts: iron anchors and aluminium calipers. The Group also produces TMCs (tandem master cylinder) which volumes are dynamically growing in recent years.

Starting from 2014, a new production of nodular iron at Feramo allows ACE to considerably enlarge its portfolio of castings in brake products with addition of iron calipers and large components for a commercial vehicle market. 

Our existing main customers include European suppliers of brake modules such as Continental Teves, TRW Automotive and Chassis Brakes International - CBI, former Robert Bosch. With the acquisition of Feramo, the ACE Group enlarged its customers’ portfolio with other important automotive customers including Korean Mando and Mobis groups.

The ACE Group (Automotive Components Europe S.A.) is a leading supplier in Europe of casted aluminium and iron automotive components for braking systems.


Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Automotive Components Europe S.A.

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