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Anchors are safety parts expected to meet high technological requirements such as: very high strength resistance, elongation, machining, torsion, resilience, thermal stability and dampen vibration. Anchors are responsible for fixing the brake module to the chassis. ACE´s anchors are made of nodular iron. Iron anchors are currently applied in most of the newly produced cars, as well as commercial/heavy vehicles.

Calipers are also essential components of disc brake systems that house the brake pads and pistons. In the process of braking they are responsible for supporting the hydraulic pressure in the brake moment. Aluminium calipers are predominantly used in rear brakes while iron calipers are used in both axles. In some premium cars front aluminium calipers are used as well. Since 2010 ACE is a reference European producer of the first generation of front aluminium calipers. In 2012-13 ACE has successfully developed together with one of his main customer, the high tech aluminium front caliper, called “fixed caliper”, which will enter in production in 2015.

TMC, Tandem Master Cylinders which supplies pressure to the two circuits of the car. It is a remarkable device that uses two pistons in the same cylinder in a way that makes the cylinder relatively failsafe. ACE produces TMC castings since 2009.

Anchors are installed in about 125 models of cars and calipers in 16 different brake system platforms, which are used in about 50 car models. Therefore, the Group continuously cooperates with its customers on the redesign and development of anchors and calipers used in new models of cars which are introduced in the market.


At present, ACE is diversifying the product portfolio in nodular iron outside the brake sector but within the automotive market, expecting the development of 3 to 4 new products in 2014/2015 that will allow us to strengthen our position as a leading casting supplier in the automotive market.


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